Benazir Income Support Program Card

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif launched the Benazir Income Support Program. Benazir Income Support Program has been re-launched. This program has been launched twice before. Now the government of Muslim League-N has decided to re-launch this program in 2022 for the first time. A policy is being formulated on how they want to get it applied.


Where can I get a BISP card?

The term of the present newly formed government is one year and six months as elections have started after that. It is not possible for the present government to conduct a re-survey, so the data will be taken from the NSER survey conducted by the previous government. And also the Ehsas Registration Center which was earlier set up by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

These offices will now be converted into the Benazir Income Support Program. In this way, you went to the office of Ehsas to join the Benazir program and from there the government provided you with a Benazir card.

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