Ehsaas Program 8123

Another new code has been issued after Ehsas Program 8171. It is good news for the beneficiaries of Ehsas Program. They will not be included in this new program.

Ehsaas program new code

These people will not be included in the Ehsas program. They have already joined Ehsas Kifalat program and they are getting 14,000 half-yearly installments. Only those who are special persons will be included in it and with it the government has provided monthly installments to these people. These installments have been fixed at Rs. 2000 per month for special persons. If the name of more than one person in a family is included in the list of special persons, then they too were given monthly installments of Rs. 2000 by the government. The government’s policy is clear that those who are consciously receiving aid cannot be made part of it. People who will only be considered special persons can be made part of it through 8123.

How to apply 8123

Individuals can use a method to join the program. The method is to send your National Identity Card number to 8123. 8123 will then provide information on verification now.

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