How to Make Money With Snack Video

Create Engaging Short Videos

To start making money with Snack Video, you need to create short, engaging videos that people actually want to watch. Here are some tips to get you going:

Focus on a niche. Pick a specific topic you know a lot about, like gaming, beauty tips, or comedy sketches. Build your audience around that niche. People will come to your profile looking for that type of content.

Keep it short. Aim for 15 seconds to 2 minutes max. Snack Video is meant for quick, snackable content.

Be authentic and show your personality. Let your viewers get to know the real you. Share your passions and interests in an genuine way. People will connect more with someone who is relatable.

Post new videos frequently. Try to upload at least 2-3 new videos per week to stay active in the community and keep people coming back to your profile. Use a consistent posting schedule so your viewers know when to expect new content.

Engage with your viewers. Respond to comments and messages.  Run contests and giveaways. Build a connection with your audience. Loyal viewers will become your biggest fans and supporters.

With time and consistency, you can gain more and more viewers and start making money through Snack Video’s creator program. Keep improving your content and connecting with your audience – that’s the key to success on Snack Video.

Build Your Audience and Get Views

To make money on Snack Video, you need views—lots of them. The more people watch your videos, the more you can earn. Here are some tips to build your audience and boost those view counts:

Focus on trending topics and challenges. Hop on the latest hashtag challenges, reactions, and viral internet fads. People flock to what’s popular, so take advantage of that.

Collaborate with other creators. Duet with other users, react to their videos, or have them react to yours. Cross-promotion is key. Tag each other and share with your combined followers.

Be active in the community. Like and comment on other videos. Participate in discussions. Host livestreams. The more you engage, the more Snack Video will promote your profile and push your content.

Post frequently. Aim for at least 2-3 short videos per week. Staying active and consistent keeps you on the radar and gives viewers more to watch and share.

Use eye-catching thumbnails. Make it colorful, expressive and clickable. A great thumbnail can mean the difference between views and scrolls.

Once your views start climbing, you can join the Snack Video creator program to begin monetizing your account through ads, product placement, and viewer gifts. Building an audience takes work, but with time and consistency, you’ll gain more views and start earning money from your snack-sized videos.

Monetize Your Snack Video Channel

Once you’ve built up an engaged following on Snack Video, it’s time to start earning money from your channel. Snack Video offers several ways for creators to monetize their content.

Enable Ads on Your Channel

The easiest way to make money on Snack Video is by allowing ads to run on your channel. You’ll earn a portion of the ad revenue from views and engagement on your content. To enable ads, go to your channel settings and turn on “Monetization.” Snack Video will review your channel to make sure it meets their policies. If approved, ads will start running on your content and you’ll earn money based on your channel’s views and engagement.

Become a Snack Video Partner

If your channel has a large, loyal following, you may be eligible to become an official Snack Video Partner. Partners earn a higher percentage of ad revenue and get additional promotional opportunities. To qualify, you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers and over 100,000 monthly views. Snack Video will review your channel and may reach out with an invitation to the Partner Program.

Promote Products and Services

Once you have a sizable, engaged following, brands may want to sponsor your content or have you promote their products. You can charge brands to promote their products or services in your Snack Videos. Clearly disclose any paid promotions to your viewers according to Snack Video’s policies.

Sell Merchandise

If you have a popular channel, your viewers may want to buy merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases featuring your brand and content. You can create and sell your own merchandise through sites like Teespring, Redbubble, and Spreadshirt. Promote your merchandise in your Snack Videos and channel.

With time and consistency, you can build up various revenue streams on Snack Video. Keep creating great content, engage with your viewers, and look for new ways to provide value to brands and sponsors. With an active, growing channel, you’ll be earning money from Snack Video in no time!

Collaborate With Brands

Once you’ve built up an engaged following on Snack Video, consider collaborating with brands to make money.


Sponsored video posts

Brands will pay you to create and post videos featuring or highlighting their products. You’ll need to disclose the sponsorship to your viewers according to FTC guidelines.

Affiliate links

If you frequently talk about certain products in your videos, see if those brands offer an affiliate program. You can share special links to those products and earn a commission on any sales. Your followers get to support you at no extra cost to them.

Product placement

Some brands may send you free products in exchange for subtle product placement in your regular videos. Make sure to be transparent about any gifts you receive according to FTC rules. The products you feature should still be relevant and valuable to your audience.

Takeovers and collaborations

For a larger payout, you can do an official collaboration or takeover with a brand, such as a brand channel takeover where you create content to post on their channel for a day. You can also do longer-term brand ambassador roles. These bigger deals typically require a larger, more engaged following.

The key to successful brand collaborations is finding partners that are a great fit for your audience and content style. Your viewers will be able to tell if you’re promoting a product you don’t actually like or use. Build relationships with brands you genuinely want to support for the best results. With time and consistency, brand collaborations can become a lucrative source of income from your Snack Video channel.

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