Make Money online from Youtube

Make Money online from Youtube

Make Money From Home YouTube Now:

In today’s modern age, people’s desires are increasing and the need for capital, ie money, is increasing to fulfill these desires. In order to fulfill this desire, the man earns money by using various means of earning money. The easiest way to make money in this modern age is to make money at home through YouTube. If you also want to make money using YouTube, I will tell you the complete method, which will make it very easy for you to make money. I will go You can make a lot of money on YouTube if you have any skills or abilities. The first thing you have to do is create a channel on YouTube, after which you will get paid. What are the three major ways to make money on YouTube?

The first method of monetization:

First of all, you need a channel on YouTube, you don’t have to have a Gmail account to create a channel. You have to create a Gmail account first and only then you can create your channel. If it becomes a channel, then you have to make your own video on it. You can put any video according to your channel. There is no cost to create a channel. You can create your own channel for free. You can earn money by following this method through YouTube Monetization.

  1. First of all, create your own channel on YouTube. After creating a channel, you must have four thousand hours of watch time and one thousand subscribers. You can then turn Monetization on your channel.
  2. After this process, you have to complete three steps to advertise on your channel according to YouTube’s policy.

(I) Reviews Partner Program Policy.

(II) After this Sign up for Google AdSense account

(III) Last step, Get reviewd

3. Then when all these steps are completed and YouTube according to its policy reviews the videos that help your channel have one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time. You have to wait for a while then ads are placed on your channel on youtube and through these ads, you get paid again.

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