Prime Minister Imran Khan showed the threatening letter to the cabinet in which it was written about the no-confidence motion to make the no-confidence motion a success. If the Prime Minister thwarts this no-confidence motion, that is, if he remains the Prime Minister, then it will not be good.

The Prime Minister has also shared this letter with senior journalists in which the no-confidence motion and Imran Khan have been mentioned more than once. The Prime Minister said that the letter would be seen in-camera in the parliamentary session. If the no-confidence motion fails, Pakistan will suffer more. Briefing to the members of the Prime Minister.

The premier Imran Khan in his briefing said that the letter also showed concerns over his recent visit to Russia. Prime Minister Imran Khan said the letter highlighted future relations with foreign policy, which threatened to change the government in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan did not tell reporters where the article was written from.

Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi would present the contents of the foreign conspiracy letter in Parliament.

The letter will also take the heads of national security agencies into confidence.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to share a letter with senior journalists and members of allied parties containing evidence of foreign conspiracy to overthrow his government.

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