Prime Minister of Kashmir submitted his resignation

The Prime Minister of Kashmir submitted his resignation. After filing a no-confidence motion against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Kashmir also faced a no-confidence motion, after which the party leadership was apprised of the situation by Azad Kashmir’s elected Prime Minister Abdul Qayyum Niazi. ۔

Abdul Qayyum Niazi said that just as Imran Khan was facing a no-confidence motion in Pakistan, some members of the same party were bought overnight. And a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister of Kashmir Abdul Qayyum Niazi was submitted to the National Assembly.

As soon as Abdul Qayyum Niazi came to know that there was a movement in the assembly, five ministers were removed from office. Niazi said that this movement has been submitted by the ministers of his own party. Immediately after that Imran Khan was informed and his resignation was first sent to the party chief Prime Minister Imran Khan. After that I submitted my resignation to the President. He further added that the date for voting on the no-confidence motion has been fixed for April 16.

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